Things to do 2012

Inspired by an ex-colleague-sort-of-person, I decided to try and list 100 things – both personal and work-related – that I want to achieve in 2012. My aim with this list was to think of  mostly achievable concrete goals but also some more abstract goals which are related to wider life-goals. So… here goes, will I be able to think of 100 though…?

(Dammit, only just over 50 so far! – will keep on updating as I go)

Last Updated 06/08/12…

  1. Write paper on G&R data – UPDATE 27/01/12 – have started writing!  UPDATE 01/06/12 – is (hopefully) nearly ready to submit!! UPDATE 20/07/12 – Paper submitted to Consciousness and Cognition! AND, have sent second G&R paper to Chris!
  2. Write paper on RKCJSJ data – UDPATE 06/08/12 – have started working on this one too!
  3. Write pre-exposure paper – UPDATE 06/08/12 – have started working on this again 🙂
  4. Write self-efficacy paper – UPDATE 01/06/12 – paper was submitted to Psychology and Aging last month 🙂 UPDATE 08/07/12 – paper was rejected from P&A but we’re getting ready to resubmit to Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition. UPDATE 16/07/12 – paper resubmitted to ANC.
  5. Present at a conference – UPDATE 28/04/12 – presented at the Cognitive Aging Conference, Atlanta
  6. Submit something to present at Psychonomics this year – UPDATE 01/06/12 – submitted an abstract last week, fingers crossed 🙂 UPDATE 20/07/12 – abstract was accepted, am presenting at Psychonomics in Minneapolis in November
  7. Get a new job  – UPDATE 01/06/12 – AM MOVING TO CANADA IN SEPTEMBER!!!
  8. Visit Becky in Memphis
  9. Visit Matt in Austin  – UPDATE 01/06/12 – Visited Matt and another friend, Sam, in Austin in May 🙂
  10. Visit New Orleans
  11. Visit the North Carolina coast
  12. Go to France with Nikki  – UPDATE 01/06/12 – just returned from a lovely holiday today
  13. Have a night out/in with Emma before her baby comes!
  14. Have a night out with Emma when she is ready to leave the baby at home for the evening
  15. Watch less TV – UPDATE 06/08/12 – this is much better at the moment, though I suspect that is because there is NOTHING on TV in the summer! (except the Olympics, which I am loving!)
  16. Establish a better working-at-home routine – UPDATE 06/08/12 – this is not going too badly now, I often do a couple of hours per evening on one of my papers, is easier when ‘real’ work is not too tough (i.e., now that it’s the summer and there is no teaching)
  17. Make a working-at-home calendar
  18. Go to Belmont library
  19. Eat at least one piece of fruit per week (it’s a start at least) – UPDATE 20/01/12 – two weeks being back at work and only a 50% success rate so far, uh-oh.
  20. Go running at least once per month (it’s a start at least) – UPDATE 06/08/12 – have barely done this, think I’ve been 2 or 3 times this year so far!
  21. Give old clothes to charity – UPDATE 17/01/12 – clothes are bagged up and ready to go! DONE 28/07/12
  22. Wear all the clothes that I do not give to charity – UPDATE 06/08/12 going pretty well, wore old black low-cut top with sparkles out the other night and it went down a storm
  23. Cook a new recipe
  24. Go to at least 3 new restaurants in Richmond – UPDATE 17/01/12 – already been to two: Red Lobster (OK, it’s a chain, but I’d never been to any branch of it before) and Stella’s. UPDATE 27/01/12 – third done and dusted – brunch at Strawberry Street Cafe, was lovely 🙂
  25. Go to a gig at the National
  26. Go to see at least one film at the Byrd – UPDATE 28/04/12 – went to see Eraserhead
  27. Go in each of the shops on Cary Street – UPDATE – don’t think this is going to happen as, TBH, most of them are not relevant, i.e., pet stores, weird clothes shops, etc.
  28. Read all the books I got for Christmas 2011 – UPDATE 17/01/12 – finished one already – The Best of Everything by Rona Jaffe, it was excellent. UPDATE 20/01/12 – Finished another – The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt, also excellent. Maybe if I’m going to be reading books so fast I should create separate blog posts…? Hmmm.
  29. Listen to all my music on iTunes! UPDATE 20/01/12 – And possibly delete some of the crap I’ve accumulated and do not actually like!?
  30. Turn 30  – UPDATE 01/06/12 – this was inevitable, and the fateful day occurred last Monday. I had a lovely day!
  31. Do my ironing more quickly – UPDATE 17/01/12 – this is not going well so far… UPDATE 20/01/12 – Still not going well! i.e., I still have not ironed some of the stuff I washed when I was in England for Christmas! UPDATE 01/02/12 – DONE – yesterday I did all the ironing from the last month, and today I did the new stuff that only got washed yesterday!
  32. Get graduation photo framed – UPDATE 28/02/12 – Family all looking a bit older, and me a bit wiser?!
  33. Replace broken PhD girls photo and frame – UPDATE 12/02/12 – Got a photo from my Viva printed and in a lovely white frame
  34. Buy a jigsaw for Christmas 2012
  35. Have another Zipcar weekend away
  36. Use Zipcar to go to the mall
  37. Have some romance – UPDATE 28/04/12 – met a lovely guy a few weeks ago and had a lovely time but may have screwed it up already by being a crazy demanding girl! We’ll see…  UPDATE 01/06/12 – Saw him again last week and all was OK but then I acted like an idiot again, maybe not meant to be 😦 UPDATE 06/08/12 – this romance might deserve it’s own blog but at the moment everything is OK
  38. Cut down on vices  – UPDATE 01/06/12 – cut down from 2 sweeteners in coffee and tea to 1… other vices not so much progress
  39. Buy some new jeans – UPDATE 10/03/12- Got some fab new Lucky Brand jeans in Washington, Sofia Straight.
  40. Swim in the sea
  41. Go to the free pool – UPDATE 08/07/12 – first pool visit was the other weekend, it was almost too hot to lie out!!
  42. Go to Byrd Park – UPDATE 28/07/12 – borrowed Emma’s bike and went for a lovely bike ride to the park
  43. Go to Belle Isle
  44. Use my credit note at Pink! UPDATE – Brought a weirdo flowery top, not sure I really like it 😦
  45. Go out with RNIT peeps UPDATE – it doesn’t really count but I went for dinner when Leo was back in town. UPDATE 08/07/12 – have been hanging out with Leo, Darren et al. quite a bit. Not completely RNIT but close enough.
  46. Get down to under 9 stone
  47. Keep up with learning Spanish
  48. Use whitening kit I bought last year
  49. Plan trip to South America
  50. Skype Becky more often
  51. Skype Andy more often
  52. Buy some exotic seafood from Kroger – UPDATE 01/02/12 – devilled crab, was lovely.
  53. Go to Elwood Thompson’s more often – UPDATE 08/07/12 – got a lovely lunch box thing from there a few weeks ago but TBH I can’t be bothered with their intimidating prices and healthiness!!
  54. Read a book by Christopher Hitchens – UPDATE 01/02/12 – Started reading essays in Love, Poverty, and War.
  55. Buy something from Chop Suey
  56. Send off my tax rebate to IRS UPDATE 28/04/12 – finally sent of my amended 2010 AND my 2011 tax returns, really shouldn’t have sat on the 2010 one for ages as the form was simples in the end!
  57. Upload new G&R online questionnaire – UPDATE Done 01/03/12 you can complete it now (see other blog post) UPDATE 06/08/12 and now the second new one is up too!!
  58. Delete duplicate/crappy photos from computer

One response to “Things to do 2012

  1. I am so happy to see #1-4! 🙂 I’ll help where I can.

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