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I love to travel

I love to travel. At the moment I have to concentrate on my career; finish up my current job and move straight on to my next post-doc position, but sometime within the next couple of years I hope to be able to take a few weeks/couple of months off between jobs, or from a permanent job(?) and go on another long trip.

While I think and plan and dream about that, here are some of my favourite quotations about travelling that I have collected over the years:  Continue reading


The last 10 years… And the next 10…

My 30th Birthday

As I have just turned 30 (yikes), I started to reflect on all the things I want to achieve and what I think life will bring in the next 10 years – before I turn 40 (double yikes)… This put me to thinking about all that I have achieved and done in the last 10 years.

So, here go two lists, my achievements from the last 10 years and my hopes for the next 10…

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