The last 10 years… And the next 10…

My 30th Birthday

As I have just turned 30 (yikes), I started to reflect on all the things I want to achieve and what I think life will bring in the next 10 years – before I turn 40 (double yikes)… This put me to thinking about all that I have achieved and done in the last 10 years.

So, here go two lists, my achievements from the last 10 years and my hopes for the next 10…

Achievements 2002 – 2012:

  1. BSc Honours Psychology
  2. MSc Psychology
  3. PhD in Cognitive Psychology
  4. Moved to America as a postdoctoral fellow
  5. Got another job in Canada as a postdoctoral fellow
  6. Had the traditional loser bad-boy boyfriend for a while
  7. Made some amazing new friends
  8. Kept up relationships with some amazing old friends
  9. Travelled on my own in Argentina, Chile, Peru, America, Europe, Australia
  10. Became closer to my sister
  11. Bought a house
  12. Crashed a car
  13. Hiked the Inca trail
  14. Climbed a volcano

Hopes and plans for 2012-2022:

  1. Move to Canada
  2. Have a road-trip across America
  3. Get a permanent academic position at a university
  4. Fall in love (with someone who falls in love with me right back and with whom I can build a life together)
  5. Have a baby (or two)
  6. Publish first-author papers
  7. Supervise my own PhD students
  8. Get a tattoo
  9. Buy a house
  10. Buy a car
  11. Go to a music festival
  12. Travel up the coast of Brazil
  13. Improve my photography skills
  14. Keep up learning Spanish
  15. Visit friends across the world
  16. Do another skydive
  17. Ride a motorbike (by myself)

Some of these are obviously more important and life-altering than others, but at this point in time these are the things at the forefront of my mind for my life’s plan over the next 10 years.  Some may happen sooner than expected, some may take longer to achieve than I hope.  I may have to change the way I think about things, or compromise more than I currently think I am able, in order to achieve some of them.  C’est la vie.  It’s an exciting time for me at the moment.  I hope it stays that way.

In line with these aims here is a video of the Dr. Seuss poem “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” being read at Burning Man; I think it is a very cool video and a lovely poem:



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