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New Online Questionnaire: Subjective Awareness of Memory

My latest online questionnaire is now ready to start collecting responses!  This survey is the 5th online questionnaire in a programme of work that I began during my PhD.  Please please help me out by completing it!  Click on the link or the image to access the questionnaire:

It should only take 15-30 minutes to complete, and please please complete it even if you’ve done one of my previous questionnaires! Thanks!!

And feel free to forward the link on to anyone you like! Family, friends, other bloggers… Or link to it on your own blog 🙂

Nb. This survey does not involve any kind of memory “test” – you will not be asked to learn anything and your memory will not be tested. This questionnaire is interested in the kinds of judgments that you can make about another’s memory report – are you able to categorize a statement they have made about their memory from just how the statement is worded? Full information is provided on the first few pages of the questionnaire.