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The Art of Travel

Mural in La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2010

I debated over the title of this post for a while.  It should really just be called “My Travel Tips” or something, as I don’t claim to be any kind of authority on travelling and there are some much better blogs out there which give great travel advice (such as this one by a Lonely Planet contributor).  But I liked the sound of “The Art of Travel” so don’t judge me by the title alone.

This list was inspired by my friend who just came back from a trip and is suffering from the post-travelling blues.  I wanted to offer him advice and help him out of his funk.

I then got thinking about a lot of great advice I have picked up from various people regarding travelling and thought I’d make a list (I love lists!)…. Continue reading


First PhD Paper submitted!

I recently submitted the first paper from my PhD research to the journal Consciousness and Cognition… Keep your fingers crossed for me that it gets accepted without (too) many (nasty) revisions.

Williams, H.L., Conway, M.A., & Moulin, C.J.A.

Remembering and Knowing: Using another’s subjective report to make inferences about memory strength and subjective experience. 

The abstract is provided below the jump.  If you would like a copy of the draft manuscript please email me [helenwilliams098 @]

And here’s a weird picture that is from the wall of a bar in Richmond… It kinda links to my paper as the elephant/alien looks like he is squishing a brain in his hands:

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