What will I miss about living in RVA?

Hanover Avenue, my home 2010-2012

I am excited to be off to live in another country but I have really enjoyed my time living in Richmond, Virginia.  Herewith a list of things I will miss about living in Richmond:

  1. The lovely friends I have made here.
  2. My mentor, who became a very good friend.
  3. Our lab students, some unique but lovely characters there.
  4. My cute little apartment – you were a good home.
  5. The guy I was seeing for a brief time here – I will miss you despite my better judgement.
  6. The noise of the cicadas in the evening – this always reminded me that I was living in a strange tropical place and having an adventure.
  7. TV ads for “Christian Mingle”.  Just because.  Hilarious.
  8. The dramatic newsreaders on the local evening news.
  9. The glorious summer weather (though not the sweatiness when it was too hot).
  10. All the cool shops and bars in the Fan and on Cary Street within walking distance of my apartment – you made living here without a car do-able.
  11. Zipcar – I am sad that they do not have you in Victoria.
  12. Byrd and Westhampton Theaters.
  13. Randolph Pool.
  14. Belmont library.
  15. Shockoe Bottom.
  16. The huge portions at all the yummy restaurants in my neighbourhood.  Once I learnt how to do the to-go box thing correctly you fed me for days.
  17. Dancing salsa at Havana 59 – I’m sorry I discovered you so late.
  18. Being so close to NYC, DC, and the beach – I loved visiting you.

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