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Musings on early-career academic positions…

About 2 1/2 years ago I had an interview for a Research Assistant position at an institute closely affiliated with one of the UK’s best universities. The position was a little below my abilities, as it didn’t require a PhD, but it was such a great institution and the post involved neuroimaging so I was hoping that the opportunities would outweigh the crappy pay and the dogsbody type tasks I would have been doing.

The interview was a little strained as, because they knew the position was a little below my skill level, they asked me why I wanted the position.  I answered that I was hoping to get some experience of the experimental design and analysis for neuroimaging experiments.  They pooh-poohed this and said that there would be no opportunities for that, and I countered and said that I would hope to at least pick a little knowledge up along the way.  They pooh-poohed this again.

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Second Berrylab paper submitted

We have just submitted our second paper from my time working at Richmond:

Jane M. Berry, Helen L. Williams, Kevin D. Thomas, and Jamie Blair 

Perceptions of Competence: Labels of ‘Healthy Aging’ and ‘Alzheimer’s Disease’ Moderate Age Differences

Email me [helenwilliams098 @] if you’d like a copy of the draft manuscript.

“Mrs. Stevenson, pictured here, is 75 years old and is a healthy older adult / has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Please keep Mrs. Stevenson in mind as you answer the next three questionnaires”

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