Did I achieve all my “Things to do 2012”?

In January I tried to list 100 things – both personal and work-related – that I wanted to achieve in 2012. My aim with this list was for most of the goals to be achievable concrete goals but also have some more abstract goals on the list that were related to wider life-goals.

So… did I achieve all of my goals this year???….


ACHIEVED items are in GREEN

Non-achieved are in RED

Kinda-achieved are in PURPLE 🙂

  1. Write paper on G&R data – YES – I submitted this paper to Consciousness and Cognition in July, it is currently back with the reviewers to see if they are happy with the changes that I made in response to their comments…. I also wrote up the second G&R paper and sent it to Chris!
  2. Write paper on RKCJSJ data – YES – This is currently being looked at by my supervisors, hopefully able to submit it in early 2013!
  3. Write pre-exposure paper – Started working on this a bit in August but then worked on other stuff… Must get back to working  on this again in 2013.
  4. Write self-efficacy paper – YES – this has been accepted for publication in Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition 🙂
  5. Present at a conference – YES – I presented at the Cognitive Aging Conference in Atlanta in April and….
  6. Submit something to present at Psychonomics this year – YES – I submitted an abstract and presented a poster at Psychonomics in Minneapolis in November
  7. Get a new job  – YES – In September I took up my new position at the University of Victoria on Vancouver Island with a Commonwealth Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (I had been wanting to apply for this and to work with Steve Lindsay since 2009 so I am very pleased that I got this).
  8. Visit Becky in Memphis – NO – sadly couldn’t make it to Memphis on my trip across the states in September 😦
  9. Visit Matt in Austin  – YES – I visited my old travelling buddy Matt and another friend, Sam, in Austin in May.
  10. Visit New Orleans – NO – still on the wish list.
  11. Visit the North Carolina coast – NO – have to go some other time.
  12. Go to France with Nikki  – YES – In May we had a lovely time at the wedding of Rosie and Duncan Shepherd.
  13. Have a night out/in with Emma before her baby comes! – YES – We drank quite a bit of vino on various occasions.
  14. Have a night out with Emma when she is ready to leave the baby at home for the evening – YES – kinda… Emma came out for my leaving do in Richmond.
  15. Watch less TV – Not going so well… Must try harder.
  16. Establish a better working-at-home routine – KINDA – got better at working late at the office in Victoria in late 2012 but still pretty bad at getting anything done at home at the weekends.
  17. Make a working-at-home calendar – YES – This worked pretty well for me and helped no. 16, at least a little bit. I will carry on with having a wall calendar at home next year.
  18. Go to Belmont library – YES – I loved this library… though I never got into doing work there, it was more useful for renting DVDs!
  19. Eat at least one piece of fruit per week (it’s a start at least) – NO – didn’t manage to keep this up. Will try again in 2013!
  20. Go running at least once per month (it’s a start at least) – KINDA – it was a bit too hot in Richmond, but I did go to the pool and cycled a bit. In Victoria I really enjoy going to Beacon Hill park and jogging down to see the sea, but here it is too rainy to do this often. Must put more effort in.
  21. Give old clothes to charity – YES – I did this in August before I moved to Canada.
  22. Wear all the clothes that I do not give to charity – KINDA – I didn’t wear everything but I definitely wore a few things I hadn’t worn for a while. Will have another clear out when I leave Victoria.
  23. Cook a new recipe – YES – when I moved to Canada I got back into cooking again and found some excellent new one-pan recipes.
  24. Go to at least 3 new restaurants in Richmond – UPDATE 17/01/12 – already been to two: Red Lobster (OK, it’s a chain, but I’d never been to any branch of it before) and Stella’s. UPDATE 27/01/12 – third done and dusted – brunch at Strawberry Street Cafe, was lovely 🙂
  25. Go to a gig at the National – NO – Sadly Garbage were playing there and I would have loved to have seen them but it was the night that Sarah was arriving in town two days before we left on our big trip!
  26. Go to see at least one film at the Byrd – YES – I went to see a couple of films there, once with the Wurlitzer beforehand.
  27. Go in each of the shops on Cary Street – NO – I realised that this was a bit of a silly aim as most of them were not relevant to me, i.e., pet stores, weird clothes shops, etc.
  28. Read all the books I got for Christmas 2011 – YES – well, I think so… Have to keep a better list next year of what I actually got for Christmas! But this year I got, and very much enjoyed: The Best of Everything by Rona Jaffe; Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes; Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand; The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt; Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.
  29. Listen to all my music on iTunes! YES – well, again kinda… I definitely made an effort to do this at least, not sure I’ve listened to EVERYTHING yet but I have listened to some stuff, AND deleted stuff I don’t like.
  30. Turn 30  – YES – this occurred.  I had many lovely birthday celebrations, and actually wasn’t too freaked out by this milestone!
  31. Do my ironing more quickly – YES – I did actually get better at this.
  32. Get graduation photo framed – YES – I did this in February.  The family  are all looking a bit older, and me a bit wiser?!
  33. Replace broken PhD girls photo and frame – YES – In February I got a photo from my Viva printed and put it in a lovely white frame.
  34. Buy a jigsaw for Christmas 2012 – YES – I got a lovely Canadian scene jigsaw for the family for Christmas.
  35. Have another Zipcar weekend away – NO – But used Zipcar when Nikki and Chris were visiting.
  36. Use Zipcar to go to the mall – NO – Didn’t need to go to the mall in Richmond.
  37. Have some romance – YES – it was a bit of a rollercoaster of a romance and it ended badly, but some bits were enjoyable.
  38. Cut down on vices  – YES (kinda) – cut down from 2 sweeteners in coffee and tea to 1… other vices not so much progress
  39. Buy some new jeans – YES – Got some fab new Lucky Brand jeans in Washington, Sofia Straight (though actually I’m not super happy with these in the end, they lose their shape too much…). I also got two pairs of skinny jeans in Minneapolis – one black, one blue. They are working out great so far!
  40. Swim in the sea – YES – swam at Virginia Beach in September when Nikki and Chris were visiting
  41. Go to the free pool – YES – I went to Randolph pool a few times in the hot hot hot Virginia summer.  I will miss the free pool 😦
  42. Go to Byrd Park – YES – I borrowed Emma’s bike one weekend and went for a lovely bike ride to the park.
  43. Go to Belle Isle – NO – But went to Pony Pasture and lay out on the rocks and swam in the river there when Nikki and Chris were in town
  44. Use my credit note at Pink! – YES – Brought a weirdo flowery top, I wasn’t sure I liked it at first but now I do 🙂
  45. Go out with RNIT peeps – YES – I hung out with Leo, Darren et al. quite a bit. Not completely RNIT but close enough.
  46. Get down to under 9 stone – NO – Didn’t really make any proper attempt at weight loss… But I did lose some over the summer in Richmond (it was too hot to eat!) – but I put it back on when I moved to Victoria.
  47. Keep up with learning Spanish – NO – But I did keep all my notes from Spanish class when I moved, was tempted to chuck them but didn’t!
  48. Use whitening kit I bought last year – KINDA – this scared me and hurt quite a lot when I made a brief attempt.  Learn from this – do not waste money on Groupons I won’t use.
  49. Plan trip to South America – NO – this is still on the wish list but I had to move to Canada this year (and plan the road trip for bringing me here)… and next year I have to find another new job, so this might be on the back-burner for a while.
  50. Skype Becky more often – NO – was very bad at keeping in touch.
  51. Skype Andy more often – NO – I must put more effort in to Skype people next year.
  52. Buy some exotic seafood from Kroger – YES – I had devilled crab a couple of times, was lovely.
  53. Go to Elwood Thompson’s more often – YES (kinda) – got a lovely lunch box thing from there once, and went a couple of other times but TBH I couldn’t be bothered with their intimidating prices and healthiness!!
  54. Read a book by Christopher Hitchens – KINDA – I read some essays from Love, Poverty, and War.
  55. Buy something from Chop Suey – YES – I bought Oliver Sacks’s The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat (not read it yet though!)
  56. Send off my tax rebate to IRS – YES – I paid them the $520 I owed for 2010 in November! Still got to file my 2012 tax return though. Ughh.
  57. Upload new G&R online questionnaire – YES – I posted one in March and the other in June and then presented the data from them at Psychonomics in November 🙂
  58. Delete duplicate/crappy photos from computer – YES – I have done this for some folders, but not all… yet.

So… all in all I completed 37 of the 58 things I planned to do in 2012 (64%), not counting the things I only kinda completed.  Not toooo bad.  Can I do better in 2013???

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