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Electric boxes in Canada

Victoria May 2013 063As well as the beautiful mountains, islands, and beaches where I currently live in Victoria, B.C., an aspect of the city landscape that brightens my day everytime I see one is the decorated electric boxes that they have here.

I don’t know what they are officially called – electricity sub-station boxes maybe? But anyway, they are all around the city. Some are decorated in relation to the local area – downtown history, for example, and others are just beautiful designs, patterns, paintings, or photos of local sights.

I wasn’t sure if this was just a Victoria thing, but I’ve now spotted them in Vancouver and Calgary too. I think they are a really good idea. They are interesting, and the history ones are informative, and they just make what is usually just a grey boring box on the side of the street a little more cheery.

Anyway, one of my aims while I am here in Victoria is to take photos of all of the different designs that I see! (Too geeky? Who cares!) After the fold you can see a photo gallery of all the boxes I’ve seen so far!

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Proust Questionnaire


The Proust Questionnaire takes its name from a list of answers given by the French writer Marcel Proust to a questionnaire in a ‘confession album’. Apparently these kinds of questionnaires were popular in English families in the late 19th Century as people’s answers were thought to reveal things about their personality, tastes, and aspirations.

I am familiar with this questionnaire as it appears on the back page of Vanity Fair magazine each month completed by various famous people. Sometimes the respondents don’t answer the questions seriously – they try to be witty, or don’t want to give too much away, or a mixture of the two, but they are always interesting (I read VF religiously).

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