Electric boxes in Canada

Victoria May 2013 063As well as the beautiful mountains, islands, and beaches where I currently live in Victoria, B.C., an aspect of the city landscape that brightens my day everytime I see one is the decorated electric boxes that they have here.

I don’t know what they are officially called – electricity sub-station boxes maybe? But anyway, they are all around the city. Some are decorated in relation to the local area – downtown history, for example, and others are just beautiful designs, patterns, paintings, or photos of local sights.

I wasn’t sure if this was just a Victoria thing, but I’ve now spotted them in Vancouver and Calgary too. I think they are a really good idea. They are interesting, and the history ones are informative, and they just make what is usually just a grey boring box on the side of the street a little more cheery.

Anyway, one of my aims while I am here in Victoria is to take photos of all of the different designs that I see! (Too geeky? Who cares!) After the fold you can see a photo gallery of all the boxes I’ve seen so far!

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