Monthly Archives: July 2013

Somewhat ironically this long blog post is about not writing…


Recently I have realised that I miss writing. This is a good thing.

To clarify, what I mean by ‘writing’ is working on my own first-author publications – the ones I have primary responsibility for analysing, drafting, revising…. From looking at my calendar it has been nearly 6 weeks since I have been doing this kind of writing.

Six weeks ago I was desperately trying to get a draft of a paper finished so that I could send it off to my co-authors before I went on holiday. I finished it, sent it off, and, as I haven’t yet received any comments back from my co-authors (if you’re reading this you know who you are!), I have not been doing any proper writing since. Obviously I’ve been working on other stuff – revising other papers where I’m not the first author, programming experiments, analysing┬ádata, submitting job applications, writing talks – but over the last few days I’ve realised that I’ve been missing writing.

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