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Leaving Canada, O Canada

I have achieved the #1 thing on my list “Things to do 2013” and have got a new job! In October I am starting as a Lecturer in Psychology at Keele University.

St. Joseph Bay, Cape Scott, Vancouver Island, 2013

St. Joseph Bay, Cape Scott, Vancouver Island, 2013

Obviously I’m very excited to be taking the next step forward in my academic career, and to be moving back to the UK as I’ll be (much!) closer to friends and family, but I am sad to leave Canada as I don’t really feel like I’ve had enough time here….

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Not my research area at all, but another psychology blogger has an interesting survey on sexual behaviors, attitudes, personality, and coercion running online that I thought I would share with you as I found it really interesting:    

New memory experiments – Participate online!!

I’ve got two more new memory experiments ready collecting data online using Qualtrics. Unsurprisingly, given my research interests, in these experiments your memory will be tested for a list of words! These are two different versions of the same study, but you can do both if you feel so inclined! Each will take 15-20 minutes to complete. Full instructions are given on the first page. Click on the link to go to the experiment:

Memory Experiment 1

Memory Experiment 2