Did I achieve all my “Things to do 2013”?

Mum and I in Victoria, summer 2013

Me and my mum in Victoria, summer 2013

Well, the short answer is no.

If you’d like a more specific answer, with reasons/excuses for why I did not achieve everything on my list of “Things to do 2013” then keep on reading…. 

  1. Get a new job – YES – after many applications and two rounds of interviews I started work as a Lecturer at Keele University in October.
  2. Publish first G&R paper – YES – this is now out in Consciousness and Cognition
  3. Submit RKCJSJ paper from PhD – NO – it’s getting there but moving countries etc. has meant I’ve had to put writing on the back-burner over the last 6 months.
  4. Submit KF card-sorting paper – YES – but it was rejected first time round (May) so had to resubmit it somewhere else (Dec).
  5. Get G&R Qn6 up and running – YES – all data in… Better get round to analysing/writing/submitting it.
  6. Submit second G&R online questionnaires paper – NO (see number 5).
  7. Submit Pre-Exposure paper from PhD – NO…
  8. Revise Perceptions paper from Richmond – YES – this paper was finally accepted in December; due to be published in Experimental Aging Research in 2014.
  9. Conduct lots of experiments at UVic – YES – 6 in total.
  10. Really get the most out of my time here at UVic – YES – kinda. I think so. Because I was only at UVic a year it felt quite rushed and I feel like I didn’t have time to reflect on what I needed/wanted to do as I went along and then very quickly I was leaving. I guess this was difficult also because I was applying for jobs all the time and having to think about what the next step would be from quite an early stage.
  11. Really get to grips with what direction(s) I want to pursue in my future research – YES – I think… Having moved to Keele I’m getting lots of advice from new colleagues about which grants to apply for and what to focus on… Just got to determine my own path through all the advice now!
  12. Write up data from UVic as I go along – NO. Meh.
  13. Apply for a grant – WELL… Got £300 from the BPS to attend a conference, does that count?
  14. Submit an abstract to present at Psychonomics in Toronto – YES – I presented there in November.
  15. Submit an abstract to present at NOWCAM – YES – I gave a talk there (and at CSBBCS).
  16. Review more papers for journals – WELL… only one (I think?) but it’s not really up to me…
  17. Keep up a good working-at-home routine – WELL… Kinda.
  18. Keep up a good weekly/monthly schedule of downloading/storing/reading new papers that are published – WELL… This was going well up until September, but with the move I let it slide and now have a back-log of nearly 200 unread alerts 😦
  19. Have mum and dad come to visit Victoria – YES – Well mum came, dad had to stay home and look after the grandchildren (their two dogs)
  20. Swim in the sea – YES – on a camping trip at French Beach on Vancouver Island – it was cold.
  21. Go skiing – YES – once at Mt. Washington with Sorin, and once on Grouse Mountain with my cousin Alastair.
  22. Plan an exciting trip (maybe the big Brazil trip?) – WELL, kinda. Apparently I made a (perhaps slightly drunken) deal with a friend to go to Africa together next year! That should be fine if it actually comes to fruition.
  23. Have weekend in Vancouver – YES – with Alastair and with mum.
  24. Have weekend in Portland – YES – randomly got to meet up with Emma and family (from Richmond) in Portland for the weekend in September.
  25. Have weekend in New York – NO – sadly no flights via New York this year.
  26. Visit other places on Vancouver Island – YES – had an amazing trip ‘up island’ with mum.
  27. Make more effort to get out and do cool stuff at the weekend (instead of whiling the days away watching TV) – YES – friends in Victoria helped me do this (especially Adriana :))
  28. Have some romance – NO. Disappointing. Though less traumatic emotionally.
  29. Get a new piercing – NO. Still considering.
  30. Get the tattoo I’ve been thinking about – NO – decided against that after watching (and hating) the first two seasons of Girls.
  31. Cook a new recipe once per month – NO – I’m going to blame lack of cooking equipment for this. I didn’t want to buy a whole bunch of new stuff in Canada when I wouldn’t be able to ship it back. But now I’m in the UK this will definitely be on the list of things to do 2014.
  32. Eat at least one piece of fruit per week – NO – I’m still soooo unhealthy.
  33. Write a blog post once per month – YES – sometimes more! Sometimes I found it hard, and you’ll notice many are written well towards the end of the month, but it was good to have this as a motivator to keep me blogging.
  34. Cut down on vices – NO.
  35. Go running OR swimming at least once per month – NO – this started off well but the walk to the swimming pool in Victoria was a little too long. And running, well, there’s always an excuse I can find… 
  36. Keep in touch with friends from Richmond – YES – kinda… Some more than others. Will aim to make more effort on this in 2014.
  37. Go to the Victoria art gallery – NO – I decided it was a little small so not worth the entrance fee! But I did go to the Art Gallery of Ontario when I was in Toronto, and the Glenbow museum when in Calgary.
  38. Read all the books I got for Christmas 2012: Cat’s Cradle  by Kurt Vonnegut, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami, On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan, This is a Call: The Life and Times of Dave Grohl by Paul Brannigan, and Hitch-22 and Mortality by Christopher Hitchens – YES – well nearly, I’ve not read Mortality yet, but I’ve read most of those pieces when they appeared in Vanity Fair.
  39. Read The Man Without Qualities (it is 1130 pages long) – NO – not even cracked this open yet. 2014.
  40. Go to see a band I really like – NO – didn’t really find an opportunity to do this. Went to see two of my favourite comedians after moving back to England though which was cool.
  41. Buy a leather jacket – NO – haven’t found one I like (enough to spend lots of money on) yet.
  42. Learn more about photography – NO – still enjoy taking photos, and they come out pretty well (if I do say so myself) but haven’t invested in a proper camera yet.

So, only fully achieved 19/42 ‘Things to do’ this year 😦 Must try harder in 2014.

Happy New Year!

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