Things to do 2014

Slide1This is a list of things I hope to achieve in 2014. I compiled similar lists in 2012 and 2013 and although my completion rate is declining (from 64% down to 45% last year) I do find these lists useful to refer to during the year to see if I’m on track with getting stuff done (and I do hope to increase my completion rate this year!!).

Some of these are more concrete objectives and some are related to more abstract or ongoing life goals. Lets see how much I can get done this year:

  1. Write book chapter for Chris and Celine’s book
  2. Submit RKCJSJ paper
  3. Get KF paper published (it’s under review at the moment)
  4. Write up second G&R online questionnaires paper
  5. Write up SSMJ paper from Victoria
  6. Collect data on follow-up RK(F)G experiments
  7. Write up RK(F)G paper from Victoria
  8. Plan research ideas for next year’s project students ahead of time
  9. Have a good experience teaching in China
  10. Do my teaching prep in a timely manner
  11. Apply for a grant
  12. Review more papers for journals
  13. Keep up a good working-on-research routine
  14. Get faster at marking student work
  15. Improve my weekly/monthly schedule of downloading/ storing/ reading new papers
  16. Have friends come to visit my new home
  17. Go on a trip somewhere fabulous
  18. Visit Tim and family in Sweden
  19. Visit Anna and family in Finland
  20. Visit Emma and family
  21. Visit Soph in Edinburgh (this is a cheat really, I’ve got this visit booked already)
  22. Make an effort to get out and explore the local area at the weekend (instead of whiling the days away watching TV)
  23. Go to Trentham estate
  24. Go to Chester
  25. Go on some walks in the local area
  26. Be more proactive
  27. Paint my dining chairs
  28. Re-hang the door on my bedside table
  29. Make an effort to make my garden look pretty
  30. Go on some dates
  31. Cook a new recipe (at least) once per month
  32. Do some baking
  33. Eat at least one piece of fruit per week
  34. Do not cry so easily
  35. Write a blog post once per month
  36. Go to classes/gym/swimming at least once per month
  37. Be an active member of the local meet-up groups
  38. Read all the books that have been sitting on my bookshelves unread for months/years
  39. Read The Man Without Qualities (it is 1130 pages long)
  40. Go to see a band I really like
  41. Make more effort to keep in touch with friends around the world
  42. Buy a leather jacket
  43. Learn more about photography
  44. Do some drawing
  45. Climb a tree! (on a very random afternoon in 2013 I climbed a tree. It was fun. I will aim to climb at least one tree every year)
  46. Swim in the sea
  47. Possibly get a pet
  48. Start paying dad back the money he lent me

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