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More experiments you can participate in (pretty, pretty please)

Keele stacked 2Three of my Final Year Project students have developed research studies for their dissertation projects that are recruiting participants online.

These three projects all look at different aspects of autobiographical memory, and are completely separate, so if you are interested, you can complete all of them!

Each will take less than 30 minutes to complete. Full information about what the study involves is described on the first page of the study:

Rachael Bates: Music and Autobiographical Memory

David Fredericks: Memories of Political Events

Rachael Woodroffe: Autobiographical memory, Self, and Mood

We are particularly interested in recruiting participants who are older than typical college/university students so that participants have a larger age range of memories to draw on.

Many thanks in advance.


First citation of my C&C paper

I got a very exciting email on Friday night – my paper that was published last year in Consciousness & Cognition was cited!

The paper that cited it is a really interesting examination of the subjective experience of rejection processes in recognition:

Meeks et al 2014

This first citation really pleased me and I’ve filed the email away in my ‘feel good’ folder. It’s exciting to think of people out there reading about my research. I felt a renewed enthusiasm for writing – must now turn that enthusiasm into productivity. The first bit of which has got to be some (tough) revisions on another paper that I have to complete over the next few weeks – arrgh.