That Shirt.

Photo from the ESA news stream, via @RoseVeleth's Twitter feed

Photo from the ESA news stream, via @RoseVeleth’s Twitter feed

Last week, the European Space Agency landed a space probe on a comet. The Rosetta mission’s project scientist, Matt Taylor, went on international television to talk about the success. He wore a shirt covered in drawings of scantily clad women with big boobs and big guns. This was inappropriate, unprofessional, and sexist.

Infactorium wrote an excellent summary of why this shirt was wrong, wrong, wrong:


A senior scientist on the Rosetta/Philae mission (a stunning success, brilliant and audacious, thrilling!) decided to show up for work on perhaps the most important day of the mission, the most important day in spaceflight since Curiosity landed on Mars, wearing a crappy bowling shirt covered in cartoonish images of half-naked women. He further compounded this stupid decision by referring to the Rosetta mission with “She’s sexy, but I never said she was easy.”

I’m not going to condemn a man for owning an awful shirt with half-naked women on it. That’s his own business, and I couldn’t care less. But it shows a staggering lack of judgement, and callousness to what others might infer, to wear this shirt to work. At all. When grownups go to work, they should dress appropriately for work. And unless you work at a bowling alley/strip club, that shirt is almost certainly not appropriate. It…

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