Productivity (…or Procrastination?) 2014

This is my annual ‘did I get anything done this year?!’ blog post… lets see how I did on my “Things To Do 2014” list: 

  1. Write book chapter for Chris and Celine’s book – YES! Final (I think) version sent to Chris on 18th December.
  2. Submit RKCJSJ paper – NOPE. Worked on this for maybe 2 hours this year!
  3. Get KF paper published (it’s under review at the moment) – YES. This paper is now in press at Memory.
  4. Write up second G&R online questionnaires paper – NOPE.
  5. Write up SSMJ paper from Victoria – NOPE.
  6. Collect data on follow-up RK(F)G experiments – YES. Kinda.
  7. Write up RK(F)G paper from Victoria – NOPE.
  8. Plan research ideas for next year’s project students ahead of time – YES. Kinda.
  9. Have a good experience teaching in China – YES. A very interesting and enjoyable experience. And I’m going back next year too.

    Ludong Research Methods 2, March 2014

    Ludong Research Methods 2, March 2014

  10. Do my teaching prep in a timely manner – YES. Well kinda. Still need a deadline to push myself, but some notes I’d made on ‘things to do differently’ after teaching some sessions last year came in very helpful this year.
  11. Apply for a grant – YES. Well nearly. The deadline is usually September for the grant scheme I’m applying for but this round the deadline was changed to January so I’ve drafted it and will be submitting it very soon.
  12. Review more papers for journals – YES. Not really up to me, but I have been invited to review for a couple new journals this year. 
  13. Keep up a good working-on-research routine – Hmm, kinda. Got new data coming in, but not made time to write stuff up and lacked motivation in the summer when had free time – need to figure out how to be productive then.
  14. Get faster at marking student work – Not sure. Exam scripts were easy to mark but essays and lab reports I think I’m still pretty slow at marking. Try to time myself but it doesn’t seem to work.
  15. Improve my weekly/monthly schedule of downloading/ storing/ reading new papers – NOPE. Bit sporadic on this.
  16. Have friends come to visit my new home – YES. Had people up for my birthday weekend.
  17. Go on a trip somewhere fabulous – YES. Had a great 3 weeks in Portugal in the summer.

    2014-08-04 17.33.32

    Relaxing in Cascais, Portugal

  18. Visit Tim and family in Sweden – NOPE. Maybe next year?
  19. Visit Anna and family in Finland – NOPE. Maybe next year?
  20. Visit Emma and family – NOPE. Maybe next year?
  21. Visit Soph in Edinburgh (this is a cheat really, I’ve got this visit booked already) – YES!
  22. Make an effort to get out and explore the local area at the weekend (instead of whiling the days away watching TV) – Tried this a bit. Local area is quite boring. Considering moving.
  23. Go to Trentham estate – YES. Not particularly interesting.
  24. Go to Chester – YES. Had a lovely day out shopping in Chester.
  25. Go on some walks in the local area – YES. Only a couple though.

    At Tittensor Reservoir

    At Tittensor Reservoir

  26. Be more proactive – Not really.
  27. Paint my dining chairs – YES (all but one that I brought up later).
  28. Re-hang the door on my bedside table – YES.
  29. Make an effort to make my garden look pretty – YES. Mum gave me some nice pot plants for the garden which I then had to protect from the masses of slugs!!

    2014-10-26 12.06.28


  30. Go on some dates – YES. Meh.
  31. Cook a new recipe (at least) once per month – Hmm, kinda. Started off well but diet was very bad the last few months of the year. My excuse being that I was super busy at work… But my lack of mojo for cooking was also affected by my lack of mojo for anything then. Bah. Must do better. 
  32. Do some baking – YES. I baked some tasty goodies this year 🙂 I was also given two cookbooks for my secret santa gift this year so I’ll be able to bake even more (and cook new things, see point 31) next year!

    Coffee & Walnut cake for mum

    Coffee & Walnut cake for mum

  33. Eat at least one piece of fruit per week – NOPE.
  34. Do not cry so easily – NOPE.
  35. Write a blog post once per month – Yes. Just about.
  36. Go to classes/gym/swimming at least once per month – Almost. I really got into swimming and was going about once a week but this also fell by the wayside a bit the last few months of the year. 
  37. Be an active member of the local meet-up groups. NOPE, not really. I was at first, and met some nice people, but the group started getting dominated by an older crowd and I didn’t enjoy the events so much anymore.
  38. Read all the books that have been sitting on my bookshelves unread for months/years – HAHAHA, I read a few.
  39. Read The Man Without Qualities (it is 1130 pages long) – Well, I started this but actually didn’t like it! I’ll give it another go sometime.
  40. Go to see a band I really like – NOPE. But I have Foo Fighters tickets for May 2015 😀
  41. Make more effort to keep in touch with friends around the world – YES, I think so. But must ensure I continue to put the effort in.
  42. Buy a leather jacket – NOPE. Tried a few but didn’t find a perfect one.
  43. Learn more about photography – NOPE.
  44. Do some drawing – YES. Got a lovely sketchpad from Nikki for my birthday but only done about 2 drawings so far!
  45. Climb a tree! (on a very random afternoon in 2013 I climbed a tree. It was fun. I will aim to climb at least one tree every year) – MAYBE. I have a vague memory of commenting to someone that the reason I was climbing a tree was because I’d made this resolution but I can’t for the life of me remember where or when this was. Maybe I imagined it?! In case I did just imagine it and didn’t actually climb a tree this year I resolve to climb 2 in 2015 🙂
  46. Swim in the sea – YES. In Portugal this summer.

    Lagos, Portugal

    Lagos, Portugal

  47. Possibly get a pet – NOPE. Still considering getting a cat but don’t want my house to be covered in hair.
  48. Start paying dad back the money he lent me. NOPE. But haven’t borrowed any more! 🙂

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