One of my ‘things to do’ in 2015 was to keep up my swimming. I’ve always liked swimming; I had swimming lessons from a young age and kept them up until I was about 13 or 14 I think. I never swam competitively or anything but after having lessons for so long I’m a strong confident swimmer and, more importantly, I really enjoy it. Though some people say swimming is boring, I find the repetitive nature of swimming in a pool very relaxing  – time to think, and to let cares and worries wash away. But to lessen the boredom, and to be able to see how swimming is improving my fitness I’ve kept a swim diary for the past couple of years. 

My aim in 2015 was to swim once a week. This might sound an easily achievable goal, but, as so often happens, life events can get in the way. There are 52 weeks in the year (in case you didn’t know), so saying “I go swimming once a week” would mean doing 52 swims in a year… but it’s very easy to miss a week here and there and get behind… Part of the reason I wanted to keep the swim diary was to actually see how many swims I was able to do.

In total I managed to go swimming 34 times in 2015. I didn’t meet my goal, but 34 is not too shabby. There were some periods where I have a good excuse for not going – being off work with back pain for 6 weeks… Moving to a new city and all the life admin that entails…. Going on safari in Africa for 4 weeks… Teaching in China for 2 weeks… But this is where I found the diary helpful too – I could see how long it’d been since I’d been swimming, and I could easily calculate how many swims I’d have to fit in over the upcoming weeks to reach my goal (or somewhere not too disappointing).

Here’s a screenshot of my (beautifully colour-coded, if I do say so myself) spreadsheet of the latter part of my 2015 swimming achievements:


Looking forward to more swimming in 2016 🙂

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