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Teaching in China

Ludong campus

Me on Ludong campus

At the start of March myself and a colleague went to teach at Ludong University in Yantai, China, for two weeks. The teaching was part of a collaborative programme between the psychology departments at Keele and Ludong whereby the Ludong students get to come to Keele in their third year of their undergraduate degree after completing two years of a combination distance learning and intensive research methods courses. We were there to teach the second instalment of the intensive research methods course.

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Leaving Canada, O Canada

I have achieved the #1 thing on my list “Things to do 2013” and have got a new job! In October I am starting as a Lecturer in Psychology at Keele University.

St. Joseph Bay, Cape Scott, Vancouver Island, 2013

St. Joseph Bay, Cape Scott, Vancouver Island, 2013

Obviously I’m very excited to be taking the next step forward in my academic career, and to be moving back to the UK as I’ll be (much!) closer to friends and family, but I am sad to leave Canada as I don’t really feel like I’ve had enough time here….

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The Art of Travel

Mural in La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2010

I debated over the title of this post for a while.  It should really just be called “My Travel Tips” or something, as I don’t claim to be any kind of authority on travelling and there are some much better blogs out there which give great travel advice (such as this one by a Lonely Planet contributor).  But I liked the sound of “The Art of Travel” so don’t judge me by the title alone.

This list was inspired by my friend who just came back from a trip and is suffering from the post-travelling blues.  I wanted to offer him advice and help him out of his funk.

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I love to travel

I love to travel. At the moment I have to concentrate on my career; finish up my current job and move straight on to my next post-doc position, but sometime within the next couple of years I hope to be able to take a few weeks/couple of months off between jobs, or from a permanent job(?) and go on another long trip.

While I think and plan and dream about that, here are some of my favourite quotations about travelling that I have collected over the years:  Continue reading