Mood board 2016

I liked the mood board I created last year, I even printed it out and put it on my fridge :)… So again this year, instead of writing a ‘Things To Do’ list I’ve decided to make a mood board reflecting things that I want to concentrate on / do / achieve in 2016:


Some of my goals are the same as last year, some have been updated, others are new…. I’m not going to detail to what extent I achieved everything I hoped to during 2015 but overall I would say it was a very successful year 🙂

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One of my ‘things to do’ in 2015 was to keep up my swimming. I’ve always liked swimming; I had swimming lessons from a young age and kept them up until I was about 13 or 14 I think. I never swam competitively or anything but after having lessons for so long I’m a strong confident swimmer and, more importantly, I really enjoy it. Though some people say swimming is boring, I find the repetitive nature of swimming in a pool very relaxing  – time to think, and to let cares and worries wash away. But to lessen the boredom, and to be able to see how swimming is improving my fitness I’ve kept a swim diary for the past couple of years.  Continue reading

ESRC Future Research Leader award

JPG RGB LargeIn January 2015 I applied for a Future Research Leader award from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). This award scheme is a prestigious scheme through which the ESRC funds the research of a small number of early career researchers who have the potential to be future leaders in their research fields.

This was the first big grant that I have applied for and I found it very stressful writing the application and dealing with the ‘impostor feeling’ and that I was not good enough to receive this type of award, especially as I know this grant scheme is extremely prestigious and very competitive. Continue reading

Presenting student data in Chicago

Last week myself and ex-Keele undergraduate student Jamie Adams presented the findings from Jamie’s Final Year Project in Psychology at the Psychonomic Society Meeting in Chicago, USA. Picture1This meeting is the largest experimental psychology conference in the world and this year included 302 spoken papers and 1,002 posters. Jamie’s research was presented as a poster titled “Metacognitive Monitoring and Prospective Memory Abilities in Obsessive-Compulsive Checking”; this research is currently in preparation for submission to the Journal of Anxiety Disorders. After graduating from Keele last summer Jamie commenced an MSc in Brain Imaging and Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Birmingham in September; he received funding from the Experimental Psychology Society to attend the conference.

This was the first time I have taken a student of mine to a conference – I felt very grown up! It was also strange to let him take the lead on presenting the poster. I had put the poster together and before the conference I felt like I might not want to give over control to him to present when we were there; but actually when at the conference I relaxed and let him take the lead – it was really ‘his’ data after all. He did a great job from what I observed, though I actually didn’t listen in much while he was talking through the poster with different people – I was too busy having a celebratory beer 🙂


For creative Psychonomes


The Psychonomic Society is looking for creative types to submit new designs for their logo 🙂 I wish I had some free time to spend making something, it would be so cool to have your design chosen!

Memory for Faces

New experiment available for participation: Memory for Faces

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Experiment will take about 30 minutes to participate in. Full instructions given on the first page.

Stimuli obtained from: Righi, G., Peissig, J. J., & Tarr, M. J. (2012). Recognizing disguised faces.Visual Cognition, 20(2), 143-169.

Perceptions of Competence: Age Moderates Views of Healthy Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease


Our paper on “Mrs Stevenson” is now published 🙂

Click here for a free ePrint: