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Even more new psychology experiments!

Slide1If you think any of these sound interesting, please click on the link to access the online study and participate. These are all studies from current students of mine here at Keele:

Lee: Memory and metacognition

David & Jiacheng: Motivation and cognition

Lingni: Functions of autobiographical memory

Rachael: Conscious awareness, memory, and metacognition

Full information about each study is provided on the first page. I hope you find them interesting.


Mood Board 2015

Instead of doing a ‘Things To Do’ list this year I’ve decided to make a mood board reflecting things that I want to concentrate on / do / achieve in 2015:

Mood Board 2015

Mood Board 2015

All photos taken from Google image searches.

Productivity (…or Procrastination?) 2014

This is my annual ‘did I get anything done this year?!’ blog post… lets see how I did on my “Things To Do 2014” list:  Continue reading

Things to do 2014

Slide1This is a list of things I hope to achieve in 2014. I compiled similar lists in 2012 and 2013 and although my completion rate is declining (from 64% down to 45% last year) I do find these lists useful to refer to during the year to see if I’m on track with getting stuff done (and I do hope to increase my completion rate this year!!).

Some of these are more concrete objectives and some are related to more abstract or ongoing life goals. Lets see how much I can get done this year:

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Did I achieve all my “Things to do 2013”?

Mum and I in Victoria, summer 2013

Me and my mum in Victoria, summer 2013

Well, the short answer is no.

If you’d like a more specific answer, with reasons/excuses for why I did not achieve everything on my list of “Things to do 2013” then keep on reading….  Continue reading